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Monster Night

” Shadows of a thousand years, rise again unseen, voices whisper in the trees.. tonight is Halloween!” – ( Dexter Kozen)

Happy Halloween to you my readers and all the monsters that want to come out to play. During this ‘festive ‘ season as the weather  gets chillier, people seem to appreciate  their hot chocolate drinks and duvet a little more. I certainly seem to reach for my  vintage (slasher) horror movies (that don’t end up giving me nightmares ) of choice so often which I have selected here that I feel are a nice spooky yet watchable welcome  on this frightfully, delightful occasion.

Halloween night wouldn’t be complete without the original movie itself. Directed by ( the master of horror) John Carpenter who has made many great classic horror movies. It centres around a masked Michael Myers who is intent on killing everyone and anyone in his path after escaping a mental asylum. Now he’s back for more fifteen years later, on the same night as Halloween in the movie.

This was the first slasher type of movie to really include such violence since Psycho (1960) without any gore, but managed to make people look behind them in fear that really gave people a fright again, which made it such a cult horror gem.

The music composed by Carpenter himself really antes up the creepy factor of the killer who soon becomes more than just a guy slow walking in a mechanical outfit. You begin to feel he could be anywhere hiding and waiting for his next stab.

This really should be appreciated especially for its budget at the time,yet somehow it is so visually thrilling to watch to this day. This is one for the vintage adults.

I love stop motion animation because of its authentic and realistic feel it brings upon the screen. It’s  even creepier when done in horror style with a eccentric storyline that brews from the minds of Neil Gaiman off which the film is based on.

It tells the tale of Coraline who has rather busy average parents that have no time for adventures which she simply craves. Upon finding a tiny opening door in her own home, Coraline  steps into another dimensional universe that parallels her own reality with a dark twist. Parents and older children will certainly love this darkly sweet movie as I do.

A buttoned eyed world showing cruel kindness is enough  to give a child some deserving therapy but that is nothing compared to what this young ambitious and smart girl is up against. Coraline is a visionary beautiful story that makes kids want to value their less than boring parents lifestyle any day and keep the parents more occupied with their children.

Scream is what this movie does best. The opening scene is one of the greatest I’ve seen in a slasher movie as depicted in the trailer. A killer asking trivia horror movie questions that might just end your life. Who knew taking phone calls would end up being a future scare. The killer knows all too well about being.. well a killer and is especially good at knowing all about horror movies.

Wes Craven certainly knew and he knew  how to direct it best with his masterpiece of horror to scare the living daylight out of you.

Even in the late 90’s kids knew the in and outs of a horror movie with their analysis of what you shouldn’t  do with a killer at loose. “Don’t say I’ll  be right back..he’s  never right back” says a guy in the movie. Little moments like these is what makes scream a classic cult that never gets old at heart. Definitely one to scream out to.

What do three attractive women do when they can’t find a decent guy to date, oh yes conjure up their ideal man (because Earth must be that small (!) who turns out to be less than attractive with his creepy tendencies. The women soon realise he is not the man they wanted and try their best to rid him from their spell. Cue Jack Nicholson who plays such a demonic guy that really makes me think of him as the Joker.

He is very impressive in the film. It has it’s oddball moments but that is what makes the movie eccentrically funny and scary. I guess he just fits being so loony in the nicest regard. The movie is highly thrilling with where the story and action goes and a few surprises along its magical way.

Every twenty-third spring for twenty three days this ‘creeper’ as it is named gets to indulge in some human body parts which form his own when devoured. This movie is visually scary but not so grotesque which is good for a milder horror scare. What is scary is the thought of a creature hunting you down for your organs. Sniffling you down through your fears, you’d  be glad to be somewhat emotionless. I’m  curious “jeepers creepers, where’d ya get those peepers”..

These are just a few of my top picks of movies to watch on Halloween. If you have any favourites you enjoy watching  on the occasion do let me know .