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Tv Talks (part 2)

The show must go on with my list of favourite tv shows that I have come to love throughout the years and months.

credits: created by Alan Ball, Theme music composer by Thomas Newman, original network aired on HBO (2001-2005)

6) For such a grim opening and title you may find it hard to believe it is full of such life within the Fisher family who run a funeral business within their home. A dysfunctional family who go through hardship of different kinds.

It is certainly dark as is any matter dealing with death but it is beautifully scripted and you almost feel at ease dealing with the scary side of loss and all things grim for a while.

With moments of sheer bliss and humour that makes this show so unique, it’s hard not to laugh at the morbid side of life at times. Yes it is a weird feeling.

Every dead person’s execution is well presented and captures the bad, the good and the very scary situations we all face in reality and how we deal with them but it is a show not short of being buried.

credits: created by Tom Fontana, Theme music composer by Steve Rosen and Dave Darlington, original network aired on HBO (1997-2003)

7) I recently finished watching this show and there really isn’t any place like Oz. I enjoyed seeing all the character developments in each episode and had those tear jerking moments. It convey’s all the gritty nitty on-going at Oswald Penitentiary with the odd musical scenes that sets a lighter side for those brief times.

It tells each inmates story( narrated by wheelchair bound Augustus Hill) in a clever scripted tale whilst giving us food for thought with each moral. It captures the raw movements of how real prison can get with its constant abuse, be it sexually or oral, guts of blood and naked men stripped to the bare essentials so caution to the queasy hearted minds. Your eyes will definitely be abused and your mind messed up in this powerful suspense, heartfelt and thrilling drama.

credits: created by John Cleese and Connie Booth, Theme music composer by Dennis Wilson, original network aired on BBC2 (1975-1979)

8) Fawlty Towers may only have had two seasons but it proved to one of Britain’s classic and most loved comedy sitcom to have aired on t.v . Basil Fawlty plays the manager alongside his wife, polly the maid keeper and Manuel the Spanish waiter.

I remember when my dad had bought the box collection on v.c.r tapes and I would constantly watch and stay amused at every episode (and this was from a teenage girl). It remains just as great to this day that you won’t have to go very far to hear amazing praise for the show. John Cleese at his prime showcasing the man we grew to love for his talents.

credits: created by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, Theme Music composer by Little Barrie, Original network aired on AMC (2015-present)

9) Before Saul Goodman became the lawyer we could rely on in Breaking Bad, he was an unlucky small time somewhat decent attorney trying to make his name reputable. That is if luck would have it by his brother and his odd outcomes in life. It’s a brilliant addition to Breaking Bad and equally entertaining with season three still being made to air soon. If you need advise be weary of calling Saul.

credits: Created by Anne Bjornstad and Eilif Skodvin, also written by Steven Van Zandt, composer by Frans Bak, Original network aired on Netflix (2012-2014)

10) This is the latest show I’m currently watching into season four and I can say I’m glad i have Netflix as it’s an oddball and underrated show which would have gone unnoticed.

Frank Tagliano, after having a hit and miss encounter with his mafia gang, is placed under witness protection and is moved to Norway of his choice,hoping no one would come looking for him. Little did he realise what mischief he could get up to in the little town. It has the presence of Fargo mixed with the taste of the Sopranos I suppose though I am yet to still watch the show.

It is very entertaining to hear the people speak Norwegian and reading the subtitles were a relief to me as much as Frank understanding how things work there. It is witty, action packed, dramatic and not to be missed.

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Tv Talks (part 1)

“The most exciting acting tends to happen in roles you never thought you could play” – John Lithgow

Have you ever binge watched a tv show only to realise you were too far ahead and now your on the verge of the last episode..oh you’re already done? You’re wondering what show will live up to it’s standards?..then this is the place to be.

I have watched many great tv shows that have equally lived up to the next one. Mind you I am rather picky with what I read and watch as mindless tv viewing doesn’t quite cut it for me. It has become a big part of why I love watching tv, so it’s only fair that i share my love for each show to give you some ideas if you were coming to an end with your own. Consider some snacks and be prepared to be entertained.

Credits: Based on Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay, adaptation tv series created by James Manos, Jr. Original Network aired on Showtime (2006-2013)

1) Dexter is originally based on the books by Jeff Lindsay who is a remarkable writer. This gave Showtime Networks the idea to produce their own eight tv series show which became very popular for the right reasons. Although it should be noted that the tv show is a plot of its own after the first novel and doesn’t follow the books original storyline.

Dexter Morgan seems like your regular blood analysis technician working for the police department but at night he moonlights as a serial killer of a very unique kind. An unsuspected grotesque means of killing with precise carefulness and his charming good looks, while you watch each episode you tend to empathise with Dexter and soon it isn’t hard to realise why he is ‘everyone’s favourite psychopath’.

Credits: created by Paul Scheuring, composer by Ramin Djawadi, Original Network aired on Fox

2) Prison Break was created by Paul Scheuring. The four seasons tell the story of an intellectual man determined to get his brother out of prison before death row and clear his name although we all know getting out of prison is just as hard with crazy inmates who want to spill your guts or tag along for the escape ride. What better way then to get yourself into prison with a tattooed map on your back. Very smart. Lead the way Wentworth Miller.

Credits: created by Joss Whedon, Theme music composer by Nerf Herder, Original network aired on The WB and UPN (1997-2003)

3) In the demonic world there is always a new chosen slayer should the previous falter but none play it quite so well as Sarah Michelle Geller. The one and only kick ass heroine come to our rescue. If there’s one thing she does best, it’s slay vampires with a small wooden stake and all things evil . Better keep it in your purse ladies.

Buffy the vampire slayer is wonderful for its charms, thrills and scares it possesses without being overly cringy. All the idifferent creatures are a great addition that are adapted to each episode so imaginatively that only the brilliant minded Joss Whedon could have created. Let’s not forget the brilliant theme song by Nerf Herder.

Credits: Created by Vince Gilligan, composer by Dave Porter, Original network aired on AMC

4) Everyone needs to remember the name of Walter White because he is “the danger and the one who knocks” at your door.

A heart wrenching ordeal of a chemistry teacher with terminal cancer, determined to put his family with a lifelong security after his death. Ofcourse he does what no other man dares to think of..cook and sell his own formulated drug to his batch of unusual and dangerous customers that cause him and his partner a lot of trouble. A nerve wrecking and emotional journey to realise what really breaks a man to go ‘bad’.

Credits: Based on the Fargo movie by Joel and Ethan Coen. Adaptation tv series created by Noah Hawley, Composer by Jeff Russo, Original network aired on FX (2014-present)

5) Much is left to be said about Fargo being based on a true story but it does it brilliantly as a tv spin off series from the original movie by the Coen Brothers. (better to watch both the move and series so you’re not too clueless). Also for the sole purpose of the movie being brilliant.

Like breaking bad it depicts that even mild-mannered men often lose their self-control and do ‘ bad stuff’. Here we have a salesman ‘accidentally’ killing someone whilst trying to remain the good citizen in a town where everyone wants to know what you’re up to. known to the town people and having hitman – Billy Bob Thorton try to kill you sounds very dark..that is all in the manner of black comedy they say. This should be fun..

To be continued…