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See you on the other side

Like every year, 2016 has certainly been an eventful one. Politically we saw a big movement in the U.K voting to leave the European Union, America chose Trump as their president and Rio hosted the Olympics and Paralympics.

Then there was a wave of celebrity deaths that shook the nation such as Alan Rickman, David Bowie, George Michael and Carrie Fisher to name a few, who will never be forgotten.

It was a time for superheroes to get more kick ass action and villains to rise and shine with Batman vs Superman, Deadpool, Suicide Squad and the rest follow.

Harambe the famous gorilla  who got hold of a boy when he fell into his lair at a zoo was shot in May for fear of the child’s safety, became an unlikely celebrity status and shared across the internet with memes and songs.

Pokemon Go became the latest downloading game that made people spend even more time glued to their phones, making it a worldwide sensation of the fastest download.

There’s  so much more that has happened, that have significantly impacted all our lives and the ones in between our personal lives but i hope yours has been a good one.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my blog which I have recently started and hope to create more interesting content for the year ahead. I haven’t  always been very well hence the little time lapses in writing , but were going to be best friends soon so I’m going to go with “we understand sonea.” (sorry that was just awkward wasn’t it).

On a serious note, i really had to go through the lengthy process of re- creating my blog which i previously had for five years but circumstances  had made me want to ‘re invent’ my site for what I felt it should stand for.

I hope you will continue the journey  of these posts with me on my site and I’ll see you on the other side of the year 2017!

Oh and a Happy New Year!


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Jingle Bells

Let’s be naughty and save Santa the trip” – Gary Allen

When the stores start playing lengthy commercials on your tv screens, you’re sure to know Christmas has come early and the panicked thoughts of what to get everyone.

Of course as we’re always told, Christmas isn’t  just about giving and receiving lavish gifts because let’s  face it no-one wants to burn a hole in their pockets just too soon. when it comes to the big day I’m  sure to find the same Christmas films showing on tv or those I find of  pure nuisance.

Despite not being able to help myself of being somewhat of a Scrooge and say I find most songs and movies cringe worthy of an affair. It might stem from not being able to associate with the merry side of constant jingle  ringing in my head but it got me wondering about the ones that took my interest and made me smile.

Home Alone(1990) is one of those rare movies that I can watch many times over. For one it is directed brilliantly by Jon Hughes. An eight  year old mistakenly left ‘home alone’ whilst his family of eleven go on vacation.

With such chaos and bickering, kevin feels left out and wishes “they would all just disappear”. With such a large family even i’d find comfort in that.

Ofcourse Kevin is no ordinary eight year old which is supposedly why this movie is such a classic. He handles being alone very well when he is faced with two burglers who want nothing better than to get into that house.

Kevin Booby -traps the house  causing them some serious pain and causally picks up some grocery.  A smart kid who loves his junk food as much as watching violent noir movies. Angels with a filthy soul to be precise.

A witty movie despite its overly use of slapstick which works in favour of this plot that makes it enjoyable to watch any day..especially Christmas.

Will Ferrell as a tall Elf named Buddy is the most unlikely encounter you’ll meet which is why it marks a funny beginning though he is somewhat exciled from the miniture world of the North Pole and on a quest to find his birth father in the unfamiliar world known as New York city.

The humour works without being overly cheesy and favours the reality of being a real life elf in a big city where people don’t understand you. The script does the magic here whilst the expressions from the elf can only  be seen as priceless . A  charming movie to say the least.

We all know Charles Dickens tale revised many times over but none quite as  animated and  directed by Robert Zemeckis who has become a master of knowing how to make 3-D work well.

The animation and plot is very charming, though children should be warned as it depicts a much darker tale with some frightening images for the little ones. That being said  it is highly entertaining with less humbug involved.

Tim Burton and Henry Selick are two men with the same great vision and this is one of their masterpiece. The animation alone takes dedication with everything being handcrafted into models and moved with each frame.

Jack like many children discover Christmas and wonders how to process the ‘merry’ side of things as opposed to his Halloween town. kidnapped Santa, grotesque gifts and odd-looking creatures, I think it’ll be an interesting Christmas.

A Military operation is at work in the North Pole when one gift is accidentally forgotten to be handed over on the collection of gifts for the children. This calls for a manic  but epic journey across the world!

A smart inventive movie that is lively with magic for the children and witty enough for the adults.

Who knew Santa town was so high-tech with delivering and maintaning  his Christmas rounds. If you ever wanted to know how he does it.. Arthur has your answers.

Even robot man machines need to ship for Christmas gifts and for this guy it proves tougher than finding Sarah Connor. A frantic parent goes to all lengths to get his son that Turbo Man. From the creator’s  of Mrs Doubtfire, it’s sure to get everyone laughing.

Have a lovely Christmas!

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Studio Ghibli

Inspiration unlocks the future” ( The Wind Rises)

Studio Ghibli is a Japanese animated film studio best known for creating some of the most intrguing and vibrant movies. The creators must have some wonderful dreams to display such imagination in all their films that make up a Ghibli collection worth having. Here are a few of my favourite ones in no particular order.

 Credits: Directed by Hayao Miyazaki, based on the book by Diana Wynne Jones. Music by Joe Hisaishi.

 It should firstly be noted that whilst The main studio creator is Studio Ghibli, Walt Disney has provided the English subtitled version for the movies hence why the trailers state otherwise.

Moving on to the story, it is based on the novel by Diane Wynne Jones. A peculiar  day, Sophies dull life working in a hat shop is turned upside down when a witch enters and mistakening her for another sister who had previously insulted her, she rages and curses her to become an old woman.

Sophies wise mannerism is very foward in this movie which helps her make such bold and brave decisions later on as she stares  at the horror of her aged reflection she shouts “oh that’s really me isn’t it”.

Seeking to break the curse she makes a troublesome journey, encountering a magical scarecrow of some shape whom she names ‘turnip head’ that leads her to the enchanting moving castle, owned by a powerful wizard named Howl- a handsome charmer rumoured to eat the hearts of his seducers.

The movie depicts strong imagery of war, influenced by Miyazaki’s anger of the invasion of Iraq which comes across in the struggles the characters face, but it also shows compassion and strength that conveys the message of freedom and not giving up against all odds.

Credits: Directed by Hayao Miyazaki, Music by Joe Hisaishi

When ten year old Chihiro and her parents take a wrong turn, they decide to explore their surrounding and settle down to some delicious looking  food. Little did they  know that eating like a pig would make you turn into one!

In a magical town Chihiro soon realises she is far from any place she knew. With creatures of the most complex  kind, spirited away is one to indulge your imagination in.

Credits: Directed by Hayao Miyazaki, Music by Joe Hisaishi

The Wind Rises is a biopic story telling of Jiro Horikoshi (1903-1982), designer of aircrafs used during world war two. I’m not usually a fan of biopic documentaries but Miyazaki tells the tale in a very beautiful way.

As a young boy he has wild dreams of building airplanes that fly majestically through the sky, and with time he becomes a successful engineer, whilst we fly with him on his adventure through school, love and places.

It was a time when Jiro also realised and experienced the darker side to his passion, when his crafts are used for destruction of war that frighten him and weakness of mankind.

It is a touching story that tugged at my emotions when his loving wife had recited a poem by Paul Valery “the wind is rising and we must try to live” which is the heart of this movie and also the ending for the  retirement of Miyazaki’s latest and final movie,working at Studio Ghibli.

Credits: Directed by Isao Takahata, based on the tale of the bamboo cutter . Music by Joe Hisaishi

A small pea sized girl is found by a bamboo cutter in a forest and taken in by the couple. From the very beginning she is known to be unique yet strange to the village people as she grows at a exceeding rate.

Never has a folklore tale been so well scripted out with its elegant simple sketched animation that’s both rough and beautiful with watercolours and pastel themes. when she is of age her adoptive father wants to get her married and that is where she sees the sorrows of life that have placed sadness in her heart.

It is a film about freedom and compassion, as Kaguya often sings about nature and ” teach  people how to feel” as her life away from her childhood into the big luxurious  city takes getting used to, as a “noble princess would not partake in such frolic” hence she finds a way to break free from the strict lifestyle and find herself once again.

Credits: Directed by Isao Takahata, based on the story by Akiyuki Nosaka. Music by Mucho Mamiya

I told myself i would never watch this movie again because of the raw emotions it put me through but at the same time it’s what makes this movie so brilliant and a firm favourite of all time.

War is always unsettling to watch, be it a documentary or a movie but that is all the more reason we are drawn to such events because it is something most of us have witnessed.

It tells the story of two siblings ; Seita and Setsuko who strive by all means to survive during the second world war.

The fireflies in the movie represent the spirit of the deceased that live to fly on in life.

Between starvation and the bombing it’s hard not to be so moved to tears with the characters ordeals and the sickening truth of why and how people could be so cruel.

It is a movie to be watched for its beautiful portrayal and the strength the characters have for each other.

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The Last Guardian

” I awoke to find myself in a strange place” – speech dialogue from the last guardian gameplay

The Last Guardian developed by genDESIGN  has recently been released for the PlayStation 4 and it is already highly praised for its awarded visionary as it should be.

The wait is finally over as the game was in developement since 2007.  Fumito Ueda is the main man behind the art and story direction and much like his earlier games Ico (2001) and Shadow of the Colossus (2005) it displays a great amount of detailed gameplay worth playing.

Narrated by a much older voice, you play from the past  when he was a young boy, telling his journey from when he awoke in an unfamiliar place,where you start to play, only to find yourself faced with a chained up beast of some kind. (I like to call it my Gryffindor cat/bird beast).

The game is deigned for you to figure things out without much direction aside from the tutorials which add to the  imagination of puzzles which are far from frustrating.

When you have gained trust from the beast named Trico, (and put up with his often unprovided attention, he is an animal after all),  you can find your way through paths by calling it for help and many times by you helping Trico find food for fuel and finding openings where Trico may  be that extra large to fit through.

The interaction is adorable whilst you get to stroke it with certain displays of affection  and results  just like having yourself a real pet. we can forget the fact it’s gigantic but does size really matter when it’s simply a magnificent rare creature,  one you may never have the pleasure of meeting  again.. I suppose you wouldn’t  want one to crush you.

It should be noted that the camera angles switch from third to first person and quite often you may find it awkward  when you can’t  see your way around areas but it is on a small-scale compared to the beauty of the gameplay and doesn’t offend you as much as handling the movement of barrels of food for Trico may.

Finding them is no problem, what could be is how to throw them so it doesn’t roll over to the far side and disappear, having left Trico dissatisfied.

Such obstacles require some much-loved patience but none quite so difficult to further you away from what is essentially a very interesting game.

One of the most impressive highlights  about this game is just watching Trico move where cut scenes would most likely be used. The A.I. of the creature definately works in favour of being unique.

You can attempt to climb onto it and by holding on for dear life you experience something  unique and wonderful to gaze at, as it uses obstacles to leap it’s  way with you.

Every step is a careful  one as you go into different areas and with the aid of music composed by Takeshi Furukawa which brings out more of the beauty whilst you explore new surroundings.

Your quest with Trico is just beginning so go ahead and make that journey.

More of the adventure..