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The Last Guardian

” I awoke to find myself in a strange place” – speech dialogue from the last guardian gameplay

The Last Guardian developed by genDESIGN  has recently been released for the PlayStation 4 and it is already highly praised for its awarded visionary as it should be.

The wait is finally over as the game was in developement since 2007.  Fumito Ueda is the main man behind the art and story direction and much like his earlier games Ico (2001) and Shadow of the Colossus (2005) it displays a great amount of detailed gameplay worth playing.

Narrated by a much older voice, you play from the past  when he was a young boy, telling his journey from when he awoke in an unfamiliar place,where you start to play, only to find yourself faced with a chained up beast of some kind. (I like to call it my Gryffindor cat/bird beast).

The game is deigned for you to figure things out without much direction aside from the tutorials which add to the  imagination of puzzles which are far from frustrating.

When you have gained trust from the beast named Trico, (and put up with his often unprovided attention, he is an animal after all),  you can find your way through paths by calling it for help and many times by you helping Trico find food for fuel and finding openings where Trico may  be that extra large to fit through.

The interaction is adorable whilst you get to stroke it with certain displays of affection  and results  just like having yourself a real pet. we can forget the fact it’s gigantic but does size really matter when it’s simply a magnificent rare creature,  one you may never have the pleasure of meeting  again.. I suppose you wouldn’t  want one to crush you.

It should be noted that the camera angles switch from third to first person and quite often you may find it awkward  when you can’t  see your way around areas but it is on a small-scale compared to the beauty of the gameplay and doesn’t offend you as much as handling the movement of barrels of food for Trico may.

Finding them is no problem, what could be is how to throw them so it doesn’t roll over to the far side and disappear, having left Trico dissatisfied.

Such obstacles require some much-loved patience but none quite so difficult to further you away from what is essentially a very interesting game.

One of the most impressive highlights  about this game is just watching Trico move where cut scenes would most likely be used. The A.I. of the creature definately works in favour of being unique.

You can attempt to climb onto it and by holding on for dear life you experience something  unique and wonderful to gaze at, as it uses obstacles to leap it’s  way with you.

Every step is a careful  one as you go into different areas and with the aid of music composed by Takeshi Furukawa which brings out more of the beauty whilst you explore new surroundings.

Your quest with Trico is just beginning so go ahead and make that journey.

More of the adventure..



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