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Jingle Bells

Let’s be naughty and save Santa the trip” – Gary Allen

When the stores start playing lengthy commercials on your tv screens, you’re sure to know Christmas has come early and the panicked thoughts of what to get everyone.

Of course as we’re always told, Christmas isn’t  just about giving and receiving lavish gifts because let’s  face it no-one wants to burn a hole in their pockets just too soon. when it comes to the big day I’m  sure to find the same Christmas films showing on tv or those I find of  pure nuisance.

Despite not being able to help myself of being somewhat of a Scrooge and say I find most songs and movies cringe worthy of an affair. It might stem from not being able to associate with the merry side of constant jingle  ringing in my head but it got me wondering about the ones that took my interest and made me smile.

Home Alone(1990) is one of those rare movies that I can watch many times over. For one it is directed brilliantly by Jon Hughes. An eight  year old mistakenly left ‘home alone’ whilst his family of eleven go on vacation.

With such chaos and bickering, kevin feels left out and wishes “they would all just disappear”. With such a large family even i’d find comfort in that.

Ofcourse Kevin is no ordinary eight year old which is supposedly why this movie is such a classic. He handles being alone very well when he is faced with two burglers who want nothing better than to get into that house.

Kevin Booby -traps the house  causing them some serious pain and causally picks up some grocery.  A smart kid who loves his junk food as much as watching violent noir movies. Angels with a filthy soul to be precise.

A witty movie despite its overly use of slapstick which works in favour of this plot that makes it enjoyable to watch any day..especially Christmas.

Will Ferrell as a tall Elf named Buddy is the most unlikely encounter you’ll meet which is why it marks a funny beginning though he is somewhat exciled from the miniture world of the North Pole and on a quest to find his birth father in the unfamiliar world known as New York city.

The humour works without being overly cheesy and favours the reality of being a real life elf in a big city where people don’t understand you. The script does the magic here whilst the expressions from the elf can only  be seen as priceless . A  charming movie to say the least.

We all know Charles Dickens tale revised many times over but none quite as  animated and  directed by Robert Zemeckis who has become a master of knowing how to make 3-D work well.

The animation and plot is very charming, though children should be warned as it depicts a much darker tale with some frightening images for the little ones. That being said  it is highly entertaining with less humbug involved.

Tim Burton and Henry Selick are two men with the same great vision and this is one of their masterpiece. The animation alone takes dedication with everything being handcrafted into models and moved with each frame.

Jack like many children discover Christmas and wonders how to process the ‘merry’ side of things as opposed to his Halloween town. kidnapped Santa, grotesque gifts and odd-looking creatures, I think it’ll be an interesting Christmas.

A Military operation is at work in the North Pole when one gift is accidentally forgotten to be handed over on the collection of gifts for the children. This calls for a manic  but epic journey across the world!

A smart inventive movie that is lively with magic for the children and witty enough for the adults.

Who knew Santa town was so high-tech with delivering and maintaning  his Christmas rounds. If you ever wanted to know how he does it.. Arthur has your answers.

Even robot man machines need to ship for Christmas gifts and for this guy it proves tougher than finding Sarah Connor. A frantic parent goes to all lengths to get his son that Turbo Man. From the creator’s  of Mrs Doubtfire, it’s sure to get everyone laughing.

Have a lovely Christmas!



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