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See you on the other side

Like every year, 2016 has certainly been an eventful one. Politically we saw a big movement in the U.K voting to leave the European Union, America chose Trump as their president and Rio hosted the Olympics and Paralympics.

Then there was a wave of celebrity deaths that shook the nation such as Alan Rickman, David Bowie, George Michael and Carrie Fisher to name a few, who will never be forgotten.

It was a time for superheroes to get more kick ass action and villains to rise and shine with Batman vs Superman, Deadpool, Suicide Squad and the rest follow.

Harambe the famous gorilla  who got hold of a boy when he fell into his lair at a zoo was shot in May for fear of the child’s safety, became an unlikely celebrity status and shared across the internet with memes and songs.

Pokemon Go became the latest downloading game that made people spend even more time glued to their phones, making it a worldwide sensation of the fastest download.

There’s  so much more that has happened, that have significantly impacted all our lives and the ones in between our personal lives but i hope yours has been a good one.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my blog which I have recently started and hope to create more interesting content for the year ahead. I haven’t  always been very well hence the little time lapses in writing , but were going to be best friends soon so I’m going to go with “we understand sonea.” (sorry that was just awkward wasn’t it).

On a serious note, i really had to go through the lengthy process of re- creating my blog which i previously had for five years but circumstances  had made me want to ‘re invent’ my site for what I felt it should stand for.

I hope you will continue the journey  of these posts with me on my site and I’ll see you on the other side of the year 2017!

Oh and a Happy New Year!




A Mademoiselle living in the U.K Born in the late 80's with a vintage heart. My blog is made up of my thoughts; be it through the eyes of a great movie, the chapters of a book or in the hands of a game and other ideas that set my mind apart.. here on an open platform to share with the rest of the world. Won't you join me..

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