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Discworld Noir

Virtual gaming is another part of my life amongst movies and books. My very first console was a Sega Master System 2 that came out in 1988. I barely ceased to exsist but after growing up enough at the age of nine this young girl was able to experience a different kind of fun with her odd toaster like bulky console that let you run jump and do one fancy move. I thought it wouldn’t  get any better than that as I sat there playing my one and  only Sonic the Hedgehog game.

As I grew up, in my teenage years I discovered a little more adventure with Tomb Raider and click and point games on the pc.

Whilst i was busy growing up, the PlayStation had come out and I felt it was the best graphics I had seen in a long time and spent hours being content with a few games..and this is how I disovered and fell in love with alot of games of today, as i appreciate how much work goes into creating something not only visually beautiful, but something that is also entertaining for hours.

Games recently have exceeded my expectations and most of them are astonishing with life like movements and a strong plot.

With years  gone by, it can unfortunately be difficult to continue gaming for much anymore, and lately my spare time is usually more accessible for Android games but walkthroughs are always an interesting choice which are also none the less entertaining. Here is  one of my all time favourite adventure game that kept my younger self happy for a couple of hours.

Credits: Developers – Perfect Entertainment and Teeny Weeny Games. Design by Gregg Barnett and Chris Bateman. 1999.

It was hard to find a decent trailer or one at that, so you’ll just have to trust me when I say how amazing this game is. What you just watched in this clip was a cut scene of Lewton being chased by an unseen force, eventually being stabbed   by a sword. ” I’ve had some bad days since i started work as a private investigater but i’ve never woken up dead before “. 

A flash back shortly occurs off screen on how everything became this way as you take on your first case by a woman named Carlotta who wants you to find a guy named Mundy. The Problem is Mundy is dead..

As the name suggests, this game is heavily based on the crime  noir movies and books you may have come across with the classic detective in his rain coat, sleek hat and a hot pin up damsel in distress.


The game is set in a fictional universe known as Discworld, refrencing some places like Ankh- Morph from Sir Terry Pratchett’s novels (which are beyond some very fantastical imagination and amazingly detailed stories), but do not rely on the characters and you do not need to read them in order to understand the story of this game. (But I’d give them a chance if I were you).

screenshot_2017-01-13-16-55-37-1Lewton is a private investigator who is on a murder case which sets him off on a long trail across  different towns in the city.  Along his way, he meets alot of eccentric characters that he speaks to and some that require a more brutish tone to get some  answers,  after all everyone is a suspect.

For a game from an older generation, it was one of my childhood gaming experience and one I grew to love in my adult life as I could pick up on the humour much strongly ” well.. i’m afraid my memory isn’t very good..i need something  to jog which Lewton responds ” would a crowbar work”?and also  find references to such classic movies such as The Maltese Falcon and a song paradoxically  played by a character used in the 1942 movie Casablanca which I later discovered when I replayed the game.

I love the idea of being able to interact with any characters in the game as many times as you want, listening closely to their conversation and taking notes which you use for clues for the next lead in your investigation. It’s also reassuring that you won’t get to a ‘game over’ point at anytime as it’s a game of wit and relies on a structural narrative, allowing the player to use clues to figure out where to go next and who to talk to now.

The whole tone, dialogue and graphics are similar to the feel of stepping into a classic noir movie, with the jazz music in cafes and the darkly dim shadowed  places that you’d find in a crime scene.

The game can be played on Windows PC platform and PlayStation if you still have one. Unfortunately it  doesn’t come without its glitches as you would expect from a game of the 90’s and it was a huge data to install at the time on my boxy looking PC.

Sadly the game was never released outside Europe but if you ever got the chance to play this i would be just as excited to know, otherwise   it’s worth watching some gameplay from some gamers, just to know how great a story this truly was for it’s time.

If you’re someone who loves hardboiled fiction noir tales like me then this is a perfect rare gem of a game for you. I only wish they made more games of this kind. (I shall talk more about noir movies in the future). With a brilliant team of voice acting and a highly interactive role playing game, crime certainly pays off.

Some other very similar interactive favourites include..




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5 thoughts on “Discworld Noir

  1. You stopped by my blog, so I returned the favour. I remember this game! I had this one and another Disc World game, I think it was based on Guards Guards and a dragon in it. I was never very good at either, but they were fun to play and talking to the NPCs was the highlight as their dialogue had a lot of fidelity to Pratchett’s style.
    I don’t know if you are interested, but I have a second blog about Gaming and Geek things. Not much in the way of Video Games on it (currently), but if it is of interest to you it is

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    1. Thank you for visiting m side of the world. ☺ oh that makes me happy that someone else has played such a rare gem. It’s a brilliant witty game but yes I got stuck many times and having to write down notes on a piece of paper but it was a lot of fun. I think I know the other Discworld game you mean, with Rincewind as the wizard. I also played it.

      I’ll certainly have a look at your other site. 😊

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