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The Versatile blogger Award

This will be a short, simple but none the less sweet post about recognising peoples sites and the efforts they go to in creating something worth your interest.

With a very small amount of followers and following, I’m just a lady on a small part of the internet where I love to write about my passion whether it’s on a book, movie or game.  I’m unwell for the most part which i never speak about on here so writing at times can exhaust me but i try my best.

I never expected to find myself nominated for something called a versatile blogger award so I’m very grateful that there  are people who give me their time to read what I have to say..or rather write. Thank you to those who follow me.

The rules for the award:

1) Display the blogger award logo sign.

2) Thank the person who nominated you for this award and link their site.

3) write seven things about yourself

4) Nominate other bloggers of your choice.


I’d like to thank Michel for nominating me for this award. Very kind of you. My very first one I may add. He is a lover of Asian movies and anime as I am and  it wasn’t hard to find interest on his blog. He is very welcoming and supportive of my own blog which is always very appreciated. I never think much of my work.  I highly suggest you browse through his site as I’m sure you’ll  discover some great movies as i  did.

1) I’ve been a newly vegetarian for six months. I always tried to after thinking alot about the world we live in but i don’t condone anyone who isn’t one as I respect everyone’s choices.

2)  I was nearly kidnapped on two ocassions around the age of six by some creepy men who told me “I’m your uncle don’t worry”. And later in my teens, followed by some older ones. (Either I was too damn cute or I have a weird magnet that attracts the oddest kinds).

3) I love the vintage era alot. From film noir to the novels and games. Hardboiled detective mystery crimes to be presice.  Anything of that kind in the present works well too if well scripted.

4) I’m quite the introvert lady. One that’s shy at first for fear of being judged ‘weird ‘ but socially very talkative.I guess that is where my blog comes in to voice my passion.

5) I used to play the piano and sing (ahem). people told me I was good, I say their being too polite.

6) I love live theatre plays and musicals (of a certain type) but i haven’t Been too many. You probably won’t hear me talk about it much on here so I thought i’d mention it. I am very picky with what I watch hence being somewhat of a minority amongst the crowds. The woman in Black play is a great show and Grease live. Both of which are also films.

7) I like having a collection of items such as  films or books by a favourite persons work (provided i like most of the individual films enough) such as Ridley Scott movies, studio ghibli, Raymond Chandler novels etc.

Now for the nominees.. ( I feel like I’m presenting the golden globes heh).

Kent Wayne was one of the first few people to acknowledge my blog when I first wrote a post. He is far from dirty I may say! He is an exceptional writer with his novel Echo about a dystopian sci fi world that explores many themes of the strangest kind. And one for whom needs to be recognised more so.

Natalie has a great blog that shows off her photography skills. Her posts about different places and her general thoughts are insightful like a mini journal style and it’s always lovely to read.

Epsilon is someone I recently discovered and it’s a great blog mainly about horror movies and games with some terryfying articles based on real events which is something I love too. If you like  the dark side of things,  take a look into this lady.

It turned out more than a short post but it never was going to be. Thank you again for reading my blog and i shall see you on the next one very soon.




A Mademoiselle living in the U.K Born in the late 80's with a vintage heart. My blog is made up of my thoughts; be it through the eyes of a great movie, the chapters of a book or in the hands of a game and other ideas that set my mind apart.. here on an open platform to share with the rest of the world. Won't you join me..

5 thoughts on “The Versatile blogger Award

  1. Wow, first off, seriously if you call this a simple post, I would like to see what is an impressive post. I really mean that as a big compliment. This was a seriously amazing post. I respect it how you share so many personal things, and yes that is another compliment. Also ofcourse thank you for the very kind words. Keep doing what you are doing, and I am more than sure that everyone out there will discover your blog in no time 😊

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    1. I can never keep my posts too simple it seems but glad you liked it. I was contemplating whether to add anything too personal as I didn’t want to make things awkward heh but being unwell of sorts plays a big part of why i find it hard to follow a big crowd but i write from passion ofcourse and do my best. Thank you again for the kind support.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh that must have been a few years ago around the time I was 20.

      Heh I should probably ‘re edit that sentence..I like certain musicals like the live lion king and rocky horror show but I prefer live theatre more I think. It depends on the story.

      As for La La Land, Its not a movie for me. I saw some clips of the music but it felt awkward watching their monotone chemistry. I’m not into modern romantic comedy type of movies with the exception of classic movies that used to have a charming plot. I’m a strange lady heh.


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