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Headlined In Early Chapters

Majority of my writing stems from my interest and passions so it seems fitting that my  very  first post should be about just that. As an ambitious writer I love writing fiction be it short story ideas or poetry. This is one of them.

(Click) Start the pen…

Let’s  drive the words through paper,

The ink infects us with matters of concern and we forget behaviour when the pages start rolling.

Start being the conversationalist, I’ll be the Journalist. Let’s get choked up on situations, that’s what the story says but I’m  sincerely Me.

Quick words sure do wonders. Seems you’re quick to jump in lines, you’re  the epitome of ‘moving foward’, that’s  what the front page will write.

We are the stories for a liable reading, a made up cover for a tattered binding. The ink runs dry to reveal some cynical writing.

Master’s of woe; sing to me of twists and turns. “Don’t murder that man”,

“please don’t court his wife.” That’s what the paper shouts.

You’re a senseless education, that’s what the paper writes, the storm swayed far and told the people some tales, not too touchy, not too sentimental, so they took it in writing and drove the matter home.